Message from the Chairman

General Singlaubs career began in World War II in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), and continuing on through combat tours in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, ending with a stint as Chief of Staff of U.S. Forces in Korea.

There have always been certain core characteristics and attributes that I have insisted upon from my officers and the men that made up my operating units. They are integrity, knowledge, loyalty, professional competence, creativity in attacking problems, and a “can-do” spirit. All of these attributes are “mission oriented”, and aimed at “getting the job done, and done correctly”.

I have the same level of confidence in the abilities and professionalism of the people who make up the Jedburgh Group that I had in the best of the intelligence and reconnaissance units in my former Studies and Observation Group (SOG) in Indochina. The Jedburgh Group personnel are veterans not only of the war in Vietnam, but were highly experienced Cold War Operatives as well. They have put their lives on the line and survived multiple hazards for one simple reason, they are professionals who know how to do their jobs.

I believe the same skills, talents, integrity, honor, and loyalty that these men exhibited in the service of their country will well serve any client of the Jedburgh Group. Adding to the abilities of these uniquely skilled men and women is a professional management team of experts in banking, finance and law that is “proactive” and dedicated to bringing high quality attention and service to each client’s specialized needs.

The Jedburgh Group’s name is dedicated to the earliest members of the OSS. It incorporates the OSS standards of keeping their promises and producing results. I have placed considerable trust and have personal confidence in this group of professionals. They have never let me down.

If you have problems you need to solve, or better yet, avoid, I strongly suggest you place your trust in the capable hands of the Jedburgh Group.